Asset Search

We offer unique solutions in verifying asset ownership to help our clients manage any potential risk in business transactions.


Asset search or ownership verification may be requested for regulatory and risk management purposes. Examples for asset search include obtaining evidence for accurate financial reporting as part of annual audits for listing companies and ensuring the legitimacy of ownership during an asset transfer transaction. Some business engagements could be solely based on the condition that the company possesses specific kinds of permit or license, asset search or ownership verification through official sources and reliable channels is therefore essential. 
The portfolio of assets being held by a business entity and an individual may be a decisive factor for the consideration of significant business transactions, as well as civil lawsuits. Asset Tracing is a comprehensive search, with the objective to find out any tangible or intangible assets being held. Such assets may include, but not limited to land / properties, shares, intellectual properties, vehicles, and equipment. Various searches may be applied to cross-check the current ownership status.

    • The verification of the existence of assets has long been one of the most critical due diligence process for M&A and IPO transactions and business verification. An asset tracing investigation is also a vital element in supporting debt collection lawsuit, as well as fraud, corruption, divorce, and criminal investigations. Our customized and investigative approach to asset tracing is built upon our capabilities to access a comprehensive set of data sources across multiple judications to identify and locate assets.

      Utilizing our extensive databases and information sources, our asset search is designed to verify the existence of the assets and to minimize clients’ risk and raise awareness in supporting listing application and asset tracing investigations for corporate and professional clients.

    • Leveraging a diverse global network of well placed and vetted databases and relevant information sources, and combined with land and building, intellectual property, vessel and proprietary search, CBI is able to assist our clients with tracing physical assets across over 200 international jurisdictions.

      With these combined resources, CBI is able to identify and verify the location and ultimate beneficiary owner of assets, which include but are not limited to:

      • Business Interests/Shareholdings
      • Intellectual properties
      • Real estate properties
      • Vehicles (Private Planes, Ships, Automobiles, etc.)
    • CBI's asset search team has extensive experience in tracing physical assets, intellectual properties, business interests and shareholdings. In the recent 5 years, we have completed over 188,000 asset search projects for our clients. Our asset search team is led by asset search experts which have over 15 years of practical experience.

      Our asset search successfully assisted our clients in identifying and verifying the key assets of the subject individual and company for the purpose the litigation process, operation scale verification and M&A and listing process.

    • To facilitate the process of asset verification and gaining an in-depth understanding of operating scale, CBI offers the following products under our asset search:

      • Asset Tracing
      • Land & Property Search
      • Property Document Search
      • Vehicle Search
      • Vessel Search
      • Mining Right Search
      • Forestry Right Search
      • Sea Area Use Right Search
      • Intellectual Property Search

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