About Us


At CBI, you will find a partner committed to helping you to prevent risks and build trust.

Incorporated in 1996, Central Business Information Limited (CBI) is a global business information company covering Hong Kong China, Mainland China and 214 countries and regions with a full range of services. We offer Enhanced Due Diligence, Employment Screening, Business Verification, Business Credit, Asset Search and Site Investigation for different business sectors and industries. Our accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date business intelligence never fails to help clients make the right decision and take the best actions. 

CBI currently operates six established offices with Headquarters in Hong Kong, five offices located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an of China, and Penang in Malaysia with over three hundred staff members. Each department is led by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals. 


We work with clients to develop innovative services by combining technology, expertise and industry knowledge. Our diverse products and geographical coverage as well as our ongoing post-sale services gain us a competitive edge. With our in-house IT division, we have developed the most advanced integrated system in the industry to collect, process and analyze business and individual information. 


Over the years our professionalism has made us a preferred partner by the world's largest audit and accounting firms, law firms, investment institutions, commercial banks, listed companies and government authorities.


At CBI, we are committed to helping our clients construct a safe and impartial business environment with our streamlined yet focused information.

What We Do
Assisting our clients in making business decisions is a key part of our mission. We strongly believe that our primary role in this area is to deliver a full range of accurate business information in a time-efficient and cost effective manner.

We offer coherent strategic solutions in gathering information for any business looking to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


In an age when seconds count and information rules, we are committed to beating the clock and empowering our clients with credible information.

Who We Serve
Meet Our Clients

We have a strong network globally and our work covers Hong Kong China, Mainland China and over 214 countries and regions around the world. Over the years, we have successfully built a strong client base which includes the world's largest C.P.A. firms, law firms, investment institutions, commercial banks, listed companies and government authorities who have been counting on us for quality business information.


About Us


At the core of CBI's products is the retrieval of fresh data each and every time from credible and official sources which aims to reflect actual circumstances and uncovers any associated risks.
  • By complementing reliable data together with local insights and experiences, we support businesses to have better risk assessment and make well-informed decisions. As such, our products are designed first and foremost with clients' objectives in mind, with information being structured and prioritized, enabling easy processing of relevant findings. CBI offers a full range of solutions to address the needs of different users across an organization.


Our Strengths
  • Solid Foundation
  • Strong Clientele
  • Extensive Global Coverage
  • Technical & Compliance Advisory
imgSolid Foundation

Solid Foundation

  • A strong reputation from 25 years of professionalism
  • In-house production teams in Mainland China, Hong Kong China and Penang Malaysia
  • In-house technology development and innovation divisions
imgStrong Clientele

Strong Clientele

  • Over 3,000 clients from the world's largest C.P.A. firms, law firms, investment institutions, commercial banks, listed companies and government authorities
imgExtensive Global Coverage

Extensive Global Coverage

  • Global coverage across 284 overseas regions in 214 countries
  • Service capacity covering 687 cities, 31 provinces and autonomous regions in Mainland China
imgTechnical & Compliance Advisory

Technical & Compliance Advisory

  • Professional team to personalize IPO due diligence direction and scope
  • Compliance and quality control
  • Professional advice and training
Our Structure
We currently operate six established offices with Headquarters in Hong Kong, five offices located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an of China, and Penang in Malaysia with over four hundred staff members. Each department is led by highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Goals
We constantly boost our service standards to achieve three primary goals for our clients.
Our Values
Our Values
Our Coverage
Global Coverage

With our secure network of partners covering 214 countries, we pride ourselves in our ability to coordinate and quickly mobilize resources to plan and execute large scale on-site due diligence projects across multiple jurisdictions within tight time constraint.

Our Coverage
Coverage in China

With our strong local expertise and more than 20 years of experience operating in Mainland China, we offer a wide range of due diligence products, combining technology and our industry knowledge, uniquely designed for businesses in the local market. Our service capacity covering over 687 cities, 31 provinces and autonomous regions.

Our Coverage
Our Presence

Setting off from a Hong Kong based foundation, CBI's team from 13 places of business excelled in services, leaving footprints in 214 countries across the globe, embracing different culture, offering integrated professional duediligence services to multinational and multicultural clients. 

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Our Technology
  • CBI Portals
  • CBI Mega Terminal
imgCBI Portals

CBI Portals

Innovation and technology play a critical role in the success of modern business. We reform communication, operation, and collaboration by implementing the latest technology to CBI portals which cater both internal and external needs.

  • All-rounded internal portal for our team to perform research works in automatic and efficient ways. Streamlining our workflows and process in a centralized portal, to accelerate progress and allocate resources for better cause.
  • Advanced client portal to bring a brand-new collaborative experience to our valuable clients, we maintain agility and modify features to suit market needs.


CBI SKY is a web-based collaborative portal where all parties involved in a project can communicate, share and collaborate. It is the key to efficient project management that allows our clients to enjoy various key features anytime free-of-charge.

  • Consolidated Order Records & Invoices – view all your order status and invoices with just one click
  • Real-Time Report Updates – download reports anytime without email size limitation
  • Track Changes – access older versions of your reports and track changes along the way
  • Multiple User Access – provide access to projects across different parties upon request
  • Key Market News – stay abreast of the latest industry news


CBI MAP is a comprehensive IPO market tracking database allowing clients to access the platform and search for the latest activities of IPO applicants and sponsors quickly. It is an essential tool for sponsors to find references and conduct comparable analysis when working on IPO projects.

  • Company database with complete IPO trackrecord from application to listing
  • Categorized data for various analysis needs, such as by industry, business location and professional parties
  • Complete sponsor records including licensing, change of representatives and ROs
  • AI and data grabbing technology to ensure information is fresh and up-to-date
imgCBI Mega Terminal

CBI Mega Terminal

CBI Mega Terminal is an all-around production platform which integrates and centralizes all the research works and workflow. It is designed as a production centre to provide high flexibility and agility in response to the rapid market changes.

  • Product Configuration Platform – Dynamic configuration of products across jurisdictions
  • Content Management – Well-structured system to manage our product contents in a standardized presentation
  • Data Validation – With well-defined data validation rules to eliminate errors or missing information
  • Automation - Automate the data extraction process from different sources to internal database
  • Document Library – Storing all the research related materials in a centralized library
Our Awards
Awards & Achievements
  • Caring Company 2016-2023

    Caring Company 2016-2023

    CBI has been awarded Caring Company for seven consecutive years to acknowledge the company's efforts and contributions for the well-being of the communities and the environment.

  • “Outstanding Corporate & Non-Commercial Organization” and "Top Ten Highest Volunteer Hours“

    “Outstanding Corporate & Non-Commercial Organization” and "Top Ten Highest Volunteer Hours“

    With the continuous contributions from our volunteer committee and colleagues in the past year , CBI was awarded the “Outstanding Corporate & Non-Commercial Organization” and "Top Ten Highest Volunteer Hours“ by Hong Kong Volunteer Award 2022. It is a great recognition and encouragement of our hard work, let’s keep serving the community in the future.

  • 2022 HREC Recruiting & Staffing Solution Provider Value Awards

    2022 HREC Recruiting & Staffing Solution Provider Value Awards

    CBI China was rewarded with the “2022 HREC Recruiting & Staffing Solution Provider Value Awards”, given the professional services we provide and the brand reputation.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer for Family Status Equality

    Equal Opportunity Employer for Family Status Equality

    CBI was awarded for its efforts and commitment to the values of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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Achieve Greater with Us

  • We are proud to have supported MédecinsSansFrontières ( MSF ) for the past 15 years. It has been an honour to brace such a dedicated and impactful organisation, and we will continue to support MSF in their efforts to provide aid to vulnerable populations around the world.

  • Yesterday, the CBI Volunteer and Sports Committee jointly organized the "Stanley Chung Hom Kok 5km Community Run" with the Food Sport Foundation. With 20 colleagues participated, burning more than 24,700 calories during the event, which is equivalent to the energy from about 110 bowls of rice. The calories burned will be donated to the beneficiary organization "Food Grace" to help people in need by converting calories into food.

  • The Red Cross Blood Donation Service Center urges the public to donate blood as inventories run low.

    CBI Volunteer Committee has organized another Blood Donation Day to support the people in need in the community.

  • CBI Volunteer team has paid another visit at Chuk Yuen Estate last Saturday. Our team delivered meals to elderlies and had some good chats with them, it was great seeing their smiles!

  • Last Saturday, CBI Volunteer Committee teamed up with 清徑先鋒 Trailsweeper to clean up the beach at Lung Ha Wan.

    Together, we cleared a whopping 98kg of trash, we're proud to have made a positive impact through this activity.

    Let's all do our part in keeping our planet clean and healthy!

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