21 Feb, 2020
CBI Masks Delivery: Supporting Frontline Medical Staff

As the epidemic situation in Hong Kong is still severe, the frontline medical staff continue to stand at the forefront of the epidemic, shouldering high-risk work every day.

At present, medical protection supplies are not sufficient, and masks are in short supply, being consumed the most.

Last Friday, CBI delivered 9,000 masks to the three hospitals that have more novel coronavirus patients.

CBI fully supports the medical staff in overcoming this epidemic.

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21 Feb, 2020
CBI masks delivery: supporting frontline cleaning workers

CBI has done its best to come to the frontline of the epidemic.

Over 70 of our colleagues have joined our masks delivery operation.

From packaging masks to distributing them in different districts, our colleagues have delivered protective masks with their best endeavours to the cleaning workers in different. We are grateful for the continuing effort in cleaning Hong Kong for the public during the epidemic.

CBI fully supports the cleaning workers in overcame this epidemic.

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18 Feb, 2020
CBI Mask Delivery: Caring for the Disadvantaged

As the epidemic is severe, our regular volunteer activities have been suspended. CBI has asked the Salvation Army and the Urban Peacemaker to help deliver the masks to our long-serving elderly and grassroots friends.

In addition, over 50 CBI “mask ambassadors” took with them small bags of masks to give out to the elderly and grassroots residents in various districts.

CBI continues to care for the community in overcoming this epidemic.

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11 Feb, 2020
Anti-epidemic Operation - CBI Mask Centre

After many twists and turns, the masks that our company bought before Chinese New Year finally arrived safely at the CBI Office!

As the epidemic is escalating every day and the supply of masks is scarce, the public has been feeling despair. After reserving enough masks for CBI colleagues, the remaining masks will be donated to the elderly and needy families, getting tough times together.

We can overcome this epidemic together.

Stay strong Hong Kong, stay strong China!

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