Hong Kong’s Most Trusted Criminal Record Check Providers

Transparency is one of the hallmarks of good business, but this same quality is important when it comes to the people you choose to hire. Make sure you surround yourself with professionals that you can trust with the help of our comprehensive criminal record check. In a city as densely populated as Hong Kong, it’s easy for people to slip through the cracks and put a surprising amount of distance between them and the past. In many instances, individuals will not mention any criminal history unless explicitly asked and even then, they may underplay or omit elements of their record. CBI can provide you with peace of mind as our discreet and thorough criminal checks are known in some of the best in the city.

What Does a Background Check With your Agency Involve?

Our professional background checks can uncover information that your own research may not be able to access. Utilizing our diverse network, our agency will be able to provide you with information about any criminal activities, incarceration, or arrests that your potential employee may have been party to. Our proven techniques are a discreet, highly effective way to uncover any unsavory details about an individual.

Why is it Important to Screen Potential Employees?

Companies who come to our agency seeking a criminal record check usually do so with the well-being of their enterprise in mind. Naturally when you employ someone, they become privy to sensitive information which affects the structure and function of a business. By allowing someone with a questionable history have access to this kind of information, you leave your business vulnerable to all kinds of threats. If someone has a history of criminal activity that they have failed to disclose to you, chances are they are aware that this information makes them look untrustworthy. There is good reason for this, as high levels of recidivism when it comes to white collar crime means that those with a history of unscrupulous business practices are likely to repeat history.

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