Get Advanced Credit Reports from Hong Kong’s Leading Agency

Be intelligent about the way you invest your time, resources and money with the help of CBI. In the wake of the financial crisis, companies are more careful than ever before about who they choose to do business with. The GFC taught us that although a company might look good superficially, they can hide all sorts of potentially compromising information from the eyes of investors and associates. In business as in all things, it pays to be thorough and CBI enables this through our diligent credit checks for both organizations and individuals in Hong Kong.

What does your Agency’s Credit Check Cover?

Our business credit rating investigation is a comprehensive service that produces a thorough report of a company, its history and its reputation. Our processes enable you to verify the legitimacy of a particular organization, view their credit history, and determine the business risks of associating with a particular organization. Our professionals will conduct a discreet, diligent investigation that will uncover any unscrupulous business practices or questionable history in a company.

Why Should I Investigate a Credit Rating?

A credit report is a very good idea in any situation where you are looking to invest time, money, or resources with a new organization. It’s important to invest and associate with enterprises that you can trust, and for this reason, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you are dealing with. Above all, CBI provides you with peace of mind so that you can make informed investments sound in the knowledge that the organization you are working with is trustworthy.

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