Thorough Due Diligence Checks to Protect Your Hong Kong Business

When it comes to dealing with long term investment decisions, you can never be too careful. In business as in everything, knowledge is power; and a little bit of knowledge can mean the difference between making an investment that is successful, and one that isn’t. CBI’s due diligence and reference checks enable you to make an informed decision about a business or individual, and can also assist in the negotiation process.

What do your Agency’s Background Checks Entail?

Our reference check investigations can be undertaken to inform a client about a wide range of matters. Most commonly, clients approach us asking us to examine a potential target they intend to merge with, acquire, or privatize. However, our services are also engaged to investigate material future matters, current policy and process practices, as well as valuation and shareholder value analysis. Our background checks involve investigations into a range of business avenues including finances, macro environment, legal environment, marketing, production, and management and information systems. We will also assess compatibility and valuations. Our professionals are known as some of the best background check investigators in Hong Kong in terms of both thoroughness and efficiency. Over the years we have cultivated a loyal corporate client base who repeatedly use our services to gain perspective in their business dealings.

Why should I Conduct a Reference Check?

When it comes to contract negotiations of any sort, information means leverage. Due diligence checks enable you to negotiate in a well informed manner with a thorough understanding of the costs, risks, and benefits associated with a particular business. We can provide you with thoroughly researched, reliable information that will help to ensure you make the right investment decision.

For more information on the extensive range of personal and corporate investigative services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.